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Rotelli is a licensed brand from Italy, present in Indonesia since 1996. Triumphing with its remarkable high standard, Rotelli has won the hearts of many, placing itself as one of the most marketable ladies footwear brand in today’s Indonesian scene.

All Rotelli sandals and shoes produced using Sachetto Construction technology, which is a shoe-making technique in which each shoe is made manually with cutting and stitching process which pay attention to accuracy and size of the foot. In addition, Rotelli made of imported material with exclusive designs and the patron made by Italian designer, so can make legs look slim and fashionable.

Dedicated to adult women, especially the upper middle class, Rotelli developed a distinctive line of fashion, which includes Saccheto (shoes that promotes comfort), Boot (shoe which cover up above the ankle), Casual shoes (flat shoes for day-to-day), Evening Shoes ( shoe for party or formal event – together with evening sandals), Office (closed shoes for executive or carrier woman), and High Fashion Shoes (shoe with latest trend).

Initially founded as ladies footwear brand, Rotelli has expanded, as the brand continues to provide shoppers with a plethora of stylish footwear, handbags and accessories to complement and complete their wardrobe.  Besides, as a guarantee of quality, repair services valid for all Rotelli customer.

From its humble beginning in 1996, Rotelli has made significant growth, and to date, there are 26 showrooms and 5 counters across the biggest Leading Mall and Plaza in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Denpasar, Makassar, etc.  In fact, Rotelli is now present in foreign countries like Malaysia and Singapore.

Store Locator

Galleria Bali

LT 1 Unit C 91


Trans Bandung

GF. B052-056

+6222 91091051

Central Grand Indonesia

Central Loading Dock East East Mall

Central Neo Soho

Central Dept Store Neo Soho LT LG

Central Park

Lt. UG – 134

+6221 29200335

Grand Metropolitan Bekasi

Lt UG - 24


Mall Kelapa Gading

Lt. 1 No 233

+6221 4529533

Senayan City

Lt. 2 Unit 2 No. 107

+6221 72781257

Mall Panakukang

Lt. Dasar B1 – 08

+62411 423587

Mall Ratu Indah

Lt. 1 No. 117

+62411 834460

Trans Studio Makassar


+62411 8117190

Rotelli Olympic Mall

Unit GF no. 34


Manado Mall

Lantai GF - 04

+62431 879629

Manado Town Square

Lt. GF 65-66A


Center Point

Lt. UG 26


Sun Plasa Medan

Ground Floor B41

+6261 4501147

Palembang Icon

Lt G - 15


Ayani Megamall

Lt 1 B1-16

Citraland Mall

Lantai Dasar No. 45

+6224 8412880

Solo Square

Lt. Ground Unit 21

+62271 7651516


Lt. 1 No. 172-173

+6231 5915603

Pakuwon Trade Center

Lt. G-049

+6231 7390167

Tunjungan Plaza

Lt. UG No. 48-49

+6231 5468149

Ambarukmo Plaza

Level 1 Unit B 40-41

+62274 4331337

Centro Plaza Ambarukmo

Centro Lifestyle Dept Store Plaza Ambarukmo

Galleria Mall

Lantai Dasar No. 11

+62274 584524